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All TOTS players to be released in EA FC Packs this week?

The introduction of TOTS guaranteed packs is set to arrive this week in EA FC 24.  Many of these packs are tradable, which will have a massive impact on the game’s market. Prices will shift, and the hype around these packs should peak in the coming days. As expected,  players will log in early to try and get their hands on these packs. Hence, the market will see a lot of price drops this week with many new packs coming into the store.

Guaranteed EA FC 24 Serie A TOTS Pack

One of the highlights is the guaranteed Serie A TOTS pack that will be released today. Players are speculating about the cost, rating, and which cards will be in demand as a result. With Ultimate TOTS just two days away, everyone is eager to see these investments turn into profit. Yesterday, we had the weekly TOTS upgrade player pick, which featured a rating upgrade to 90+. This upgrade seemed to be the best one yet. Although the packs were not great, others consistently confirmed higher-rated TOTS players, making the grind worthwhile. In addition, the 82+ player picks and other SBCs led to an increase in fodder prices. This trend shows a consistent pattern: fodder prices peak in the middle of the week and drop off after Rivals rewards.

EA’s latest updates to their price ranges met with the regular controversy. Many Team of the Week (TOTW) cards dipped  in price range, and many players  were upset that they had to sell off their cards early to avoid losses. This came as a big shock to many, as it was against the standard rule of market supply and demand. Such updates have previously led to wrongful bans and further issues with the market.

New Player SBC: Gudmundsson

A new player SBC for the Genoa Icelandic striker, Gudmundsson, has launched. With 99 pace and 99 heading, he’s a card worth checking out. At just 41,000 coins, it’s a cheap option for those wanting to tinker with their squads. EA has announced a new Champions League winner player SBC inspired by this year’s Champion. The event, which kicks off today in London, will give the winner a chance to pick their own Ultimate Team icon SBC in the game. This has the community chattering with excitement and anticipation.

Ultimate TOTS Packs: Game-Changers

The biggest news, however, is the packs set to change the game. These packs, especially the 11 guaranteed TOTS pack, will pump in a lot of tradable supply into the market. The Deluxe TOTS Player Pick and the 90+ times 5 TOTS Pack will be in the store, and they are tradable. This means there will be an influx of TOTS cards on the market, which can potentially deflate prices and give players a new chance to invest and make money. Hopefully, the most exciting pack is the 11 guaranteed TOTS pack, which will feature 11 EA FC players with a rating of 92 or higher. Though untradeable, this will undoubtedly be a very expensive pack, potentially costing between 750k to 800k coins. This will be a huge talking point this weekend, and most players will be keen to try their luck.

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