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ALL PlayStation Plus Games for March 2024

March is finally here to surprise us, and PlayStation Plus has finally unveiled its exciting lineup for the month! Starting March 5th and running through April 1st, active members can download four free games. Let’s go check into the offerings and see what awaits players in this diverse amazing selection.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Awaken your inner Guardian and rise to the challenge in the newest chapter of Bungie’s sci-fi epic, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. Plunge headfirst into an epic confrontation with Savathûn, the cunning Hive God of Lies. This expansion transcends mere narrative expansion, offering a complete gameplay overhaul. Craft your own weapons, unlock potent new abilities, and experience a revamped campaign structure designed to re-engage veterans and enthrall newcomers.

Explore a warped and captivating world brimming with secrets and challenges. Face off against formidable enemies in your quest to reclaim the stolen Light. While not a standalone experience, The Witch Queen injects fresh life into the universe for seasoned Guardians. For newcomers especially on PlayStation Plus, it’s the perfect entry point to embark on this thrilling sci-fi adventure and discover the legend of Destiny.


Unleash your inner kung fu master in this innovative action game – every decision carries the weight of age and its consequences. Sifu isn’t your typical beat ’em up. This puts you into the shoes of a young kung fu student seeking revenge. But here’s the twist: every time you die, you age.

This cool aging feature really makes you think about what you do since every action counts, and you gotta learn from your slip-ups to get better at fighting and stop the whole revenge thing. So, as you play you gotta sharpen your skills, unlock some awesome new moves, and take on some seriously tough foes while you figure out what’s really going on in this super stylish kung fu journey that doesn’t pull any punches.

Hello Neighbor 2

Hello Neighbor 2, which scares all ages, invites you to return to the suspenseful world of Raven Brook. Prepare to utilize your detective skills to uncover clues, solve puzzles, and avoid detection as you explore the house of your neighbor by trespassing but this time, as an investigative journalist, you’re hot on the trail of the mysterious neighbor suspected of hiding a dark secret. 

But be warned, your creepy neighbor is always watching, and his AI constantly learns from your actions, making escape a constant challenge. This game improvement made the game even better. Now the question is: Will you be able to outwit your neighbor and uncover the truth, or become another victim of his unsettling secrets?

EA Sports F1 23

F1 Season is finally back! With all the hype around the dashing cars and smooth operation of F1 drivers, do you want to experience being one of the F1 drivers yourself? Then, go on and take the wheel to experience the thrill of Formula One racing. Be surprised with your own driving skills as you immerse yourself in the authentic racing experience the game offers. This game is what every F1 car fan asked for complete with stunning visuals, realistic car physics, and heart-pounding competition.

Whether you’re a seasoned F1 fan or a newcomer to motorsport, you will definitely enjoy the game with its easy-to-understand game. Put your gear up and get ready to push your limits in EA Sports F1 23!

Bonus! PlayStation Plus members can also claim their complimentary cosmetic bundle for The Finals. It showcases epic outfits and weapon skins. As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, the bundle comprises 2 Epic Outfits and 12 Epic Weapon skins.

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