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All MSI LoL Champions in History – Part 2

The MSI is a highly anticipated League of Legends (LoL) event. The tournament brings together the best teams from around the world, providing them with a platform to showcase their skills and compete for the prestigious title.

In this article, we continue our journey through the history of MSI LoL Champions, focusing on the winners from 2021 to 2023.

MSI 2021 – RNG

In 2021, the MSI crown was claimed by Royal Never Give Up (RNG). The Chinese team had a remarkable run throughout the tournament, demonstrating exceptional gameplay and strategic prowess. RNG’s 3-2 victory over DAMWON Gaming was a testament to their consistent performance and dedication to the game. In addition, the team’s synergy was evident in every match, with each player contributing significantly to their success.

Xiaohu, RNG’s star player, was a force to be reckoned with. His exceptional skill and strategic mindset were crucial to the team’s victory. As a result, Xiaohu’s performance at MSI 2021 was one of the tournament’s highlights, earning him recognition as one of the best players in the world.

MSI 2022 – RNG

In 2022, the RNG continued its reign and won the MSI title for the second year. Moreover, this back-to-back victory was a monumental achievement that cemented RNG’s status as one of the most dominant teams in LoL history. On the other hand, the team’s success can be attributed to its relentless practice, strategic planning, and the individual skills of its players.

RNG defeated the popular and always tricky South Korean team T1 by 3-2 this time.

MSI 2023 – JD Gaming

In this season, i.e., in 2023, the MSI was conquered by another Chinese team, JD Gaming. JD Gaming’s victory marked a new era in MSI history, proving that the Chinese LoL scene was not a one-team affair. In addition, JD Gaming’s victory resulted from their exceptional teamwork, strategic play, and the individual brilliance of their players.

Bilibili, their opponent in the Grand Final, could not do much, and they ended up being crushed 1-3.

Winning the MSI is a major achievement for any team. Not only does it bring worldwide recognition, but it also boosts the team’s confidence, motivating them to perform better in future tournaments. In addition, the victory also carries a sense of accomplishment, validating the team’s hard work and effort.

Moreover, winning the MSI profoundly impacts the team’s reputation in the global LoL community, as it establishes the team as a formidable force capable of competing against the best in the world. Finally, this recognition can help attract new fans, sponsors, and opportunities, further enhancing the team’s growth and success.

In conclusion, the MSI is a prestigious tournament showcasing the best the global LoL scene offers. The 2021 to 2023 champions, RNG and JD Gaming have set the bar high with their exceptional performances. Their victories have earned them global recognition and highlighted the strength and competitiveness of the Chinese LoL scene.

Finally, looking ahead to the future of MSI, we can expect more exciting matches, strategic gameplay, and outstanding performances from the world’s best teams.

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