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Albion Online Announces Launch of “Albion Europe” Server

Albion Online Europe Server Key Art
Image Credit: Sandbox Interactive.

Sandbox Interactive, the developer behind the MMORPG Albion Online, has announced that a brand-new regional server called Albion Europe is opening soon. 

According to Sandbox Interactive, the new Europe-based server promises lightning-fast connections, smoother play with lower latency, and adjusted in-game event times. These improvements ensure that players across Europe and the Middle East/North Africa region can enjoy the game as intended.

The launch of Albion Europe also opens the door for a truly fresh Albion experience, with everyone starting new altogether.

If you’re interested, Albion Europe‘s journey begins with a Closed Beta on April 3rd, followed by an Open Beta on April 10th. The server officially goes live on April 29th for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

What is Albion Europe?

Albion Europe is the third regional server for Albion Online, joining the ranks of Albion Americas (formerly known as Albion West) and Albion Asia (formerly Albion East). The expansion will also introduce support for two additional languages: Turkish and Arabic. Additionally, the server will also welcome adventurers from around the globe, even if they’re not from Europe or the MENA region.Fans of cross-play will also be happy, because they’ll be able to hop between PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices seamlessly with a single account.

Want to get a head start?  Albion Europe Founder Packs offer various goodies, such as stylish skins with light and dark themes, Premium time, Gold (in-game currency), and the chance to reserve your existing character or guild name in this new world. Keep in mind that you can only pick one theme for your vanity skin; if you want both, you’ll have to purchase two Founder Packs.

Albion Europe Light and Dark Theme Founder Packs

Image Credit: Sandbox Interactive.

Founders can lock their character and guild names early, and they have until April 2 to do so in the closed beta and April 23 for the full launch. Meanwhile, Crystal and Gold-tier Founders get early server access on April 24th, Silver Founders on April 26th, and Bronze Founders on April 28th.

Both Founder Pack owners and free players can participate in the Albion Europe beta phase running from April 3rd to April 23rd. Those who complete the beta’s special challenge earn a unique vanity skin for keeps! Founders even get a leg up with triple progress toward this challenge and unlock an exclusive mount skin.

About Albion Online

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG featuring full-loot combat, a fully player-driven economy, and a classless “you are what you wear” skill system. The game is fully cross-platform, playable on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android with a single account, and is localized into fifteen languages. Albion Online launched in 2017, launched for Steam in 2018, went free to play in 2019, and officially launched on mobile in 2021.

Rather than offering a linear path with predetermined quests, Albion Online allows players to write their own stories and play in countless different ways. Deep guild, alliance, and faction systems allow players to join up with friends and allies to claim territories and take part in massive battles. Gathering, crafting, and trading are all essential parts of Albion‘s player-based economy, offering fame and fortune for players with sufficient skill and ambition. And Albion‘s sprawling world, with five biomes spread across two massive continents, offers nearly endless opportunities for exploration and discovery, with a huge range of PvE and PvP options for solo and group players alike.

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