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A Glance at the League of Legends European Masters Winners: A Journey from Summer 2020 to Spring 2023

The League of Legends European Masters (EU Masters) has been a battleground for the most talented teams from across the European region. It has also been a platform for the best regional teams to compete to prove themselves and make their mark on the League of Legends community.

Below, we take a look at the winners of the EU Masters from Summer 2020 to Spring 2023.

Summer 2020 – AGO Rogue

In the summer of 2020, the EU Masters trophy was claimed by AGO Rogue, the second Academy team to get this trophy in history. The Polish team, part of the Ultraliga, performed brilliantly throughout the tournament. AGO Rogue’s victory was a testament to their excellent level of play and ability to adapt to the game’s ever-changing dynamics.

Spring 2021, Summer 2021, Spring 2022: KCorp

The following year, a new champion appeared on the scene. Karmine Corp (KCorp), a French LFL team, dominated the EU Masters scene for three consecutive seasons. Their reign began in the spring of 2021 and continued until the spring of 2022. KCorp’s dominance resulted from its players’ exceptional teamwork, strategic brilliance, and individual prowess. Their Triple Crown victory was a historic moment in the EU Masters and made them one of the most successful teams in the tournament’s history.

Rekkles was the architect of KCorp’s latest EU Masters triumph.

Summer of 2022: Team Heretics

The summer of 2022 saw a power shift: Team Heretics, a Spanish Super League team, took home the EU Masters trophy. Their aggressive play style and innovative strategies led them to victory, ending KCorp’s reign. Team Heretics’ victory was fresh air in the tournament, proving that EU Masters is full of surprises.

Spring 2023: Istanbul Wildcats

The Istanbul Wildcats won the most recent season, Spring 2023. This Turkish team from the TCL showed a stellar performance throughout the tournament. Their strategic play, coupled with their mechanical ability, led them to the top. The Istanbul Wildcats’ victory marked the first time a Turkish team won the EU Masters, adding another layer of diversity to the tournament’s history.

The EU Masters has been a showcase platform for the best talent in the European League of Legends scene. The tournament has seen various regional champions, from AGO Rogue’s victory in 2020 to Istanbul Wildcats’ historic win in 2023. Looking ahead to next season, it is worth wondering who will be the next champion of this ever-evolving tournament.

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